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Home Free

susana sechiA thoughtless Argentina is stepping on the edge of an institucional abyss that began on May 25, 2003, after an unfulfilled oath of Néstor Kirchner who granted “home free” for yesterday terrorists hidden behind the walls of impunity to come back with their bloody pasts, but this time integrating an administration of uncertain legitimacy.Those “idealists youngsters”, subversive, terrorists and murderers were re-baptized after a name that hid their barbaric actions. We are referring to those who, infringing any democratic principle, broke in with weighty armies and tried unsuccessfully to take power in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, starting a dirty war against two democratic administrations. This war was fought by the armed forces which bravely defeated the country’s enemies.

Such enemies are today setting up policies with the deliberate aim of destroying any republican principle. The plan was formerly carried out in Venezuela by Hugo Chávez Frías and is nowadays wholly and strongly supported by Néstor Kirchner and Evo Morales, the Bolivarian disciple, all of them acting on behalf of a so-called XXIst Century Socialism that conceals the worst form of Marxism intended for the region.

At the national congress, a sincere García Linera, the Bolivian vice-president, displayed the harsh reality of those who make up the Executive, on acknowledging that both himself and Morales were once involved in terrorist cells. Highlighting his pride, the vice-president argued: “Yesterday terrorists are today heroes… and the rulers of tomorrow.

Such a vindication strips what is happening in Latin America. The members of those criminal organizations are being incorporated into the different stages of any administration that fosters a strange kind of human rights to benefit only those whose backgrounds reveal them as having taken part in violent groups, while ruling out thousands of inocent citizens who were victims of kidnapping, bombing and killing.

In the 70s the Argentine society was threatened by these barbaric hordes. The struggle was fierce. The Argentine people widely backed the fighting against subversion. Despite the defeat, the betrayal of the current president has embarked once again the country in an ideological war declared by that menacing minority which is supported through state policies similar to those set up by president Hugo Chávez.

Néstor Kirchner’s silence regarding the freedom of expression trampled down by the Venezuelan tyrant was broken up by senator Cristina Kirchner in Switzerland, where the president’s wife outspokenly supported Chávez and his self-willed resolutions. In Argentina very little was known about the assertions that the first she-citizen decided to lay out far away from her country.

The practically illiterate Bolivarian presidents together with their new partners in Nicaragua and Ecuador are convinced that they will be able to strenghthen their power by means of these outdated and disjointed totalitarian practices, against which mankind has so much struggled along the XIX and XX centuries.

In Latin America these obsolete practices are blooming as a mockery of a black past propelled by servile politicians who joined the antidemocratic downfall seeking personal opportunities. The débâcle has included diverse political prisoners, such as members of the security and armed forces and even of the Church, all of them condemned without sentence by means of false plaints and inconsistent testimonies. This could only be possible in those countries where the state of right is nonexistent or where the mass media have been silenced.

They are impostors who introduce themselves as genuine democrats while in fact are subjugating their respective peoples through a strategy springing from the proper evil root: the one that is planted in Cuba, the “Mecca” for every sick mind increasingly rebuffed by the freedom-thirsty peoples.

Translation: Raquel Eugenia Consigli

Autor: Susana Sechi
Director of La Historia Paralela

Fuente:La Historia Paralela 




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