Two of a kind

susana sechiWe are living in a misinformed Argentina, where the national administration bestows on the citizenship only a limited perspective of what is actually happening in Latin America. Nothing is said of what is going on in Venezuela or Bolivia. Nobody showed any disapproval for Hugo Chavez’s despotic shutdown of RCTV channel. As silence gives consent, it is taken for granted that President Kirchner wholly shares the methods of the Venezuelan tyrant.Even though the Argentine officials seem to be in involved in a cloud of hypocrisy, the state channel defends the barbaric situation while praising the Caribbean monarch, for his abuses are interpreted as “constitutional” and “democratic”. It was possible to hear an unconditional support to Hugo Chávez and the immoral subjugation of the Venezuelan majority in “Argentinísima”, a cable TV program.

Yet, we should not be mistaken. The Argentines are no fools and though there is a clear intention to hide the everyday life of that country, we do not ignore what is happening in the streets, where students and cadets of the Navy School are demanding the return to the republican system while rebuffing the dictatorship imposed on them from a Machiavellian governmental plan.

A harsh repression is leaving hundreds of wounded among the youngsters, who are not scared to keep on fighting. The international condemnation does not seem to have changed at all the psychopathic outbursts of Chávez, willing as ever to trigger a bloodshed down the Venezuelan streets.

The insanity of the Chávez’s Marxist regime intended to subjugate the Venezuelan citizens is just the continuity of the Cuban revolution that keeps their own people reduced to servitude in the Caribbean Pearl.

The Argentine administration, its main ally, together with the Bolivian one have become accomplices of these outrages called “the XXIst Century Socialism”, which are leaving a free way for the tyrant to expand his delirious plan throughout the region.

Silence seems to be part of the strategy agreed by the rulers of these nations. In Ecuador, Rafael Correa, Chávez’s “bell boy”, is perfectly aware of this situation, as it is happening in Paraguay, where the Chavist ideology is breaking in with the aim of further expanding the influential area.

The Argentine citizenship does not mainly respond to the Marxist slogans. It is just a minority involved in the official machinery now ruling the country the one that supports the anarchic distortion in which hatred and revenge are the main goals of these ideological allies.

Kirchner and Chávez differ only in the way they carry out this new and dreadful evil axis, which imply the subversion of the Constitution, the destruction of the institutions, the disintegration of the family as the social matrix, the permanent aggression to the Church and the political business of poverty, i.e. the infamous practice of the patronage system that gathers the needed into an army of unconditional followers which share the crumbs for a miserable survival.

In both cases lying is the shelter of the tyrants. The Argentine leader performs it through a fictitious novel installed during four years from a sarcastic and immoral discourse which hides his real intentions. Chávez, in turn, does not conceal his purposes which are displayed on and on through his ideologized speeches. Just different ways of laying out identical objectives. Nevertheless, the time has come for all these peoples to join together in order to unmask the tyrants with the help of the critical insight of the civilized countries, which might act as the springboard to spread claims and plaints and to undress the realities of the subjugated countries of the region.

Translation: Raquel Eugenia Consigli

Autor: Susana Sechi
Directora de La Historia Parlela

Fuente:La Historia Paralela



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