On speeches and realities

susana sechiIn his “Ballad for a madman” Ferrer wrote that the little afternoons of Buenos Aires have an “I-don’t-know-what”. Today that “I-don’t-know-what” has been replaced by violent crime, herds of picketers cutting the traffic flow and destroying everything in their way, riots and demonstrations of all sorts that alter the citizens’ daily life.A harassed society reacts suddenly and violently due to the lack of answers on the part of the government that has forgotten the sovereign’s dignity and security.

Argentina is losing its identity behind a dreadful administration that plays government, affecting the community’s life while getting more and more away from the national Constitution, and leaving the society unprotected, on the verge of the State of Right, without fulfilling the duties and obligations they, under oath, promised to respect.

This critical state has not only swelled in the capital area; the provinces have become affected by the same ailment and the progressive wave of a fierce delinquency is chastening the whole national territory.

The policies incorporated by this hegemonic regime have destroyed the traditional political parties while the moral flexibility of men and women has settled a queer living-together represented by a sort of transvestism between the official party and others that do not conform neither with their ideals nor with their doctrines.

The opposition is broken up due to the lack of leadership and its weakness to face a president in trouble. The actual situation is hidden while poverty increases behind the patronage plans of 50 dollars a month and a food package not enough for a single week. Meanwhile, an inflationary process is slowly destroying the domestic economy of a social majority that gets a rawboned income; the same happens to the retirees who, despite the increases, receive an average of 170 dollars montly.

Nothing is under control in Argentina. Air security has become inexistent thanks to the senselessness and the incapacity to foresee of the Ministry of Defense whose only preoccupation lies in scorning and dismantling the armed forces.

An institutional decadence, which conceals a project of ideological persecution while searching the strengthening of an undeserved total power, has taken power amidst a sea of conflicts that are forcing the permanent use of lying.

Extreme corruption, dangerous derivations for the Skanka case, manipulations through subsidies to hide increases in transportation, food and essential goods, are all legal tender that indicate the end of a regime that dreamt about eternalizing itself in power.

In the meantime, the presidential speeches try to sell a fiction of excellent indexes, perfect democracy, transparent administration, freedom of expression, independent justice and an outstanding economy that are only to be found in president Kirchner’s words.

Autor: Susana Sechi
Director of La Historia Paralela
Translation: Raquel Eugenia Consigli

Email: susanasechi@gmail.com

Fuente. La Historia Paralela 



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