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The dirty faces of Latin America

susana sechiWhen describing someone who lives according to his values or ethics the phrase “a philosophy of life” is generally used. When talking about a philosophy applicable to governmental policies, a reference to the principles that justify those policies should be given.However, those principles equivalent to a philosophy of life do no lie behind the different Latin American administrations that try to justify their totalitarian regimes without taking into account neither the feelings nor the needs of the people.

The illegitimate behaviour of unscrupulous politicians has taken different countries like Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, and recently Ecuador, to institutional chaos. Previously, the Cuban revolution had reduced the island’s population to servitude, being hard to understand why the situation is still going on 48 years after.

Though sometimes certain reprobation to Castro’s behaviour has been heard, the rebuff has always been weak, existing an international acceptance of the situation. “Poor Cubans; some day, with luck, things will change for them”. Yet, the same Castro-communism that enslaves its own people is extending itself in the region, mainly due to the new disciple in Venezuela.

Hugo Chávez, following the example of his Cuban master, fosters the same subjugating policies through the destruction of the state of right, the public insecurity and violence, the press censorship, the people’s impoverishment and systematic attacks to the institutions and religious faith.

It is a cancer infixed in the Caribbean that spreads throughout the region with the complicity of administrations that accept the marxist ideologies. Such is the case of the Argentine government that increased its staff with remnants of subversive groups which in the 70s tried to impose themselves violently, imitating the Cuban dictatorship.

It is impossible to forget Ernesto “Che” Guevara, the guerrilla inspirer who joined the Castro’s messianic project of taking the revolutionary pestilence to the Caribbean Pearl and then try to repeat the experience in other countries, hidden behind a romantic ideal image when in fact was concealing the personality of a brutal serial killer.

A lot has been done in the region to erradicate evil. The break-in of terrorist groups which first infiltrated the political parties and then the national life triggered a dirty war that was not supported by the community, declared enemy of these ideologies.

An important bloodshed took place at those times when the citizens should live together with the hazards of terrorism. Once defeated, the responsible terrorists were sued and condemned by Justice for their crimes. Later they were granted amnesty by opportunist administrations and are back today, crouched behind populist pseudo-democratic regimes, proposing a XXIst Century Socialism adapted to the thinking of the Cuban tyrant, which lacks any content that may resemble a “philosophy of life”

Psychotic manipulation coming from hatred and reveng vindicate a dreadful past initiated in Gramci’s standpoints. Kirchner, Chávez and Morales are the performers of this political plan aimed at subjugating the peoples by means of a past perverse ideology.

It is hard to believe that some keep talking about the “Cuban Model” as a betterment of life quality, even knowing what is going on and what is daily reported by the huge Cuban diaspora.

While the society remains helpless within a fictitious world arising from victimization, phony crimes and economic magic intended to distract and hide the ambitions of perpetual dictatorships, evil is coming closer.

Only a brave attitude on the part of the citizenship of the menaced countries, all together demanding the inforcement of the state of right, will allow the revival of our lost republics.

Translation: Raquel Eugenia Consigli

Autor: Susana Sechi

Director of La Historia Paralela


Fuente:La Historia Paralela 




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