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To the victory for ever

susana sechiOn April 30, a new anniversary of the thirty year old Madres’ organization, something took place at Plaza de Mayo: the guerrilla party headed by Hebe de Bonafini standing on a stage specially designed for the occasion and decorated with a huge banner emphasizing “to the victory for ever”.The act began amidst musical chords, babbling and laughing. Hebe de Bonafini addressed the audience with a subversive speech similar to the one a guerrilla leader would use with his troop.

As usually, rude epithets for those considered “the enemy” came out from her mouth.

The main axe of her discourse were the apologies to the bloody dictator Fidel Castro; then she praised Hugo Chávez, Evo Morales and Néstor Kirchner, who were the focus of the madam’s drivelling for their pseudodemocratic values.
While pathetically defending morality, Hebe talked about ETA, the FARC and other organizations that foster hatred through boisterous crimes. She fiercely vindicated the “idealist youngsters” that took power violently, crushing the societies of the 70s.

This lady tries to place these fellows in the category of “heroes”, defenders of the people and martyrs who fought for a better homeland, when in fact they were barbaric militants who brought into the country the projects of the Castrist revolution.

In her passionate discourse the words “guerrilleros” and “revolucionarios” were always present. She addressed the meeting with these terms, including her collaborators and the artists involved in the festival. The dissonant shouting of revenge called for the audience not to lose the chance obtained after the organization’s thirty year fighting.
The impostor human rights defender, friend of Hizbollah, ETA, the FARC and the Cuban regime did not hesitate in claiming the participation of all these revolting groups together with the Madres de Plaza de Mayo organization, which is in fact the shelter of international terrorism.

After reading the enrollment notes among which were those of Fidel Castro, Hugo Chávez and Mr. and Mrs. Kirchner, the alleged leader welcomed the different deputies of the single thinking who were there on behalf of the variety of movements settled in diverse countries.

The hideous parade ended with musicians and singers of diverse origins embarked in the same slogans: the revolutionary fight that they fiercely intend to install with the necessary collaboration of the totalitarian administrations in Latin America.

The red thinking is openly issuing its claimings in public spaces, placing as its leader an usurper who (ab)uses of international sponsors and that has become the speaker of terrorist organizations.

This mise en scene took place with the presence of Mr. Kirchner’s foster mother and certain adherents who belong to the terrorist blemish scattered worldwide. Just disgusting, as they introduced Argentina as the headquarters of international terrorism.

Translation: Raquel Eugenia Consigli

Autor: Susana Sechi
Director of La Historia Paralela


Fuente:La Historia Paralela 




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