The Extraordinary League

susana sechiThe Latin American crisis is deepening swiftly. The style implemented has to do with the process of moral decadence brought about by the union of revolutionary marxist policies. The institutional disjointment has been the key of these pseudo-democrats whose similar guidelines were imposed in different countries of the region. Common standards lie behind alleged nationalistic characters who occupy the diverse administrations fostering the increase of a licentiousness and a false moral which hide their intentions of sodomy amidst a strange defense of the human rights.

These phony human rights survive internationally cloaked within nongovernmental organizations (NGO’s) that are manipulated by subversive minds and financed by an ideological terrorism supported by the murderers of the bloody Latin American past of the ‘70s.

In Argentina, the most representative face of the human right supporters is Hebe de Bonafini who leads the “Madres de Plaza de Mayo association” and the university under the same name. The special relationship between this woman and the Cuban dictator, as well as her frequent trips to the island, show that the rights she claims to defend are not so, whereas is well known Fidel Castro’s genocide after the cruel 48 year Cuban tyranny which is actually deprived of any human feature. No rational being might think that this woman defends the rights of the honest people.

The frequent rides of the Venezuelan president to the Caribbean island together with his close friendship to the old dictator make clear the intentions of Hugo Chávez of setting up in Latin America the same marxist revolutions that left Cuba detained in the year 1959.

The deformation of the Bolivarian republic carried out by the “comandante” Chávez has brought up the concentration of power in his favor thanks to an accomplice Parliament who helps him do and undo as he pleases, so far for the next 18 months.

The same happened in Argentina, aggravated by the fact that in 2006 these powers were granted for ever by the Parliament, thus awarding the president the totality of the public power, and, on annuling the basic Law he was given free way to dispose whimsically of the public money.

The overlapping ways of both presidents show them more and more politically involved. Chávez’s break-in into the national territory broke definitely the geographical borders. This connection was openly defended by Mister Kirchner when he claimed his support to the Venezuelan colleague, thus disclosing the society between them.

To this must be added the words addressed by Chávez at the anti-Bush act, in which he refers to the two countries as “a Latin American nation”, taking for granted the project of imposing the 21st Century Socialism.

The influence of these two men has taken Bolivia to a distortion of its own republican principles. Chávez, acting as the ambassador of The Extraordinary League made up together with president Kirchner, seeks to widen its branches within other countries. During his recent trip, Ecuador was the recipient of his poisoned impeachment that unerlined the institutional crisis this country undergoes.

This dangerous society has not only conspirated against their respective countries and economies involving them in the Venezuelan petrodollars, but also has turned up other Latin American governments into necessary accomplices of this constitutional flooding for which their peoples are already paying the consequences.

Venezuela is nowadays undergoing a wholesale shortage; the most esential food is no longer available to the population. In Argentina, the inflation generates daily more and more poor people, who are hidden behind phony official indexes that show an unreal prosperity.

Together with the disinformation proper to a double discourse, the establishment is fostering a vision of economic well-being and administration transparency common to both governors, being the “misse-en-scéne” the sole difference between them.

From his easel, President Kirchner vituperates a society that manifests itself against his policies, whereas president Chávez does the same openly and more rudely. The Argentine uses the megalomaniac personality of the Caribbean to display his actual and blunt thinking. As if they were both tailored to measure, theses characters intend to create a shared land and to carry out their revolutions through the psychological lie.

The protagonic role of the “comandante” together with his power-enhanced pathology is causing great damage in the region, sheltered by the indulgence of amoral politicians, avowed terrorists and followers of the Castrist regime that accompany him in his heroic deeds. The influence of the Cuban regime has never been so strong as in these years when the leadership has been entrusted to Chávez, the most submissive pupil.

The red tide is destroying countries, families, institutions, and even though the religious faith, which is soaked by the infamous preach of Karl Marx’s indoctrination. These portions of borderless laudation also affect other more orthodox governments that share the same ideology. They apply their retaliations to all those who do not share their castrating thoughts. Chile, Brazil and Uruguay play also their role in this reality.

Translation Raquel Eugenia Consigli

Autor: Susana Sechi
Director of La Historia Paralela


Fuente:La Historia Paralela



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