The new obstetrician of ideas

susana sechi During three years the President kept himself busy in distributing slaps among the citizens, without caring about what sector they belonged, only because they incurred in the sin of dissenting with his government measures, or with the way that he handles his administration, disintegrating society by means of the confrontation.These discretionary slaps hurt and annulled the Republic, turning his mandate in a tyrannical sum of public power, to Karl Marx’s best style, who recommended that “the conquest of public powers” was preferred and the use of force, which he in fact called “midwife of ideas”,

all these mistaken decaying thoughts of the socialist, seem to have been refloated by this totalitarian regime.The serious country that Señor Kirchner was clamoring was left behind, far away in time, in order to become hell, generated and increased from within the political power, unique and absolute, represented by a Chief Executive, of indefinite ideology.

The President’s new discourses attempt to show a different focus, although without achieving it, the appointment of biblical passages, like “Jesus Christ said: Put the other cheek”, sounds like heresy in his lips, when Señor Kirchner, facing criticism and adverse opinions, scatters his devils and sparks; in his intolerance, he accuses and distorts, imposing excessive censorship, disguising his actions with a mendacious message of love and peace.

The struggle for power has made the Chief Executive to try to put on an act in his expressions, his real intentions, covering his back with a blasphemous definition of Catholicism, put together without a conceptual basis, only exemplified primitively, to compete with the men of the Church, who demand a different direction, in the middle of so much reigning corruption.

The requests of dignity, voices that ask for justice, for the respect and fulfillment of constitutional mandates, question the everlasting jobs which with reelections to perpetuity, force the different provinces in order to subdue representatively, imposing dictatorships for the stimulus of votes bought and induced from the human need.

“Midwife of ideas “, motto that has been converted into a constant to keep in silence a whole country slave of impunity in all the national territory, the one that is conducted from the executive power with false pretenses and defamatory accusations, carried out from different governments and in complicity so as not to lose its possibilities.

But the power based in the purchase of wills, is not power, the President does not understand or does not want to understand that only with positive facts, real and verifiable, he builds a country, not with false economic and social realities.

With an anger that increases in its decibels, the threat torments, the lie suffocates and private hell grows, fed by his internal devils and encouraged by an erratic personality, where ethical values are absent and without a defined ideology, only marked by one component, convenience.

Only one thing seems to mobilize to the Supreme, the presidential system, the one that from his incontinent harangue, he imposes from the tribune.

His proclivity to changes makes him more and more vulnerable and extends his so-called progressivism by means of illegalities, societies with suspected terrorists and in brotherhood with a deranged Hugo Chávez, that marks the road.

Rented Marxist ideology is taken to propitiate an institutional imbalance, framed in a pseudo intellectual’s impudent circle, who do not possess formal education nor discernment with its application, being solely based on some phrases taken at chance from some ancient and lacerating satirical poster.

The men who accompany the misgovernment are a residual guerilla’s remora and with the ones that the common people’s submission is supposed to be achieved, organizing a vengeful degeneration of justice from a public space.

Marches, fights, hatred, resentment, confronted ambitions in a generalized tension, are multiplied in the country, promoted from the regime’s main shaft, attempting to impose a unique thought, without caring about the mistreatment that the citizenship should be subjected to.

But the Señor Kirchner keeps on soliloquizing from the music stand, interpreting pathetic reasonings, gloated in his conquest of public powers.

Autor: Susana Sechi
Director of La Historia Paralela

Fuente :LHP



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